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About Us

Our Goal

College Funding International is a collection of individual companies who work together to meet the individual needs of clients.

CFI companies include people who are college funding advisors, certified public accountants, investment specialists, certified financial planners, admissions counselors, tutors, and college planning consultants. Each company plays its own unique role in helping families prepare for college and retirement.

Pursuing your student’s college degree can have a great impact on  your family’s finances and retirement goals.  Proper planning and execution has become critical to a family’s financial well-being.

At College Funding International we believe that sending your student to college is not something that should threaten your lifestyle or alter your retirement goals.

We will accomplish this objective by implementing strategies that enhance your financial profile and by working with your student to increase his eligibility for financial aid.

Our goal is simple—to provide your student with the best possible education for the least possible cost to the parent.

Student Positioning

The average student today takes 5 1/2 years to graduate from college.  Furthermore, a full 30% of students entering college do not return for their sophomore year. This can add thousands of wasted dollars to the cost of education and deplete a family’s financial resources.

Our team of certified college counselors will assess your student to identify his interests, talents, and course of study before he enters college.  This is followed by a comprehensive college search to indentify the college best suited for the student, after taking costs, location, size, and all other variables into consideration.

Financial Positioning

Understanding the federal and institutional formulas that effect financial aid is critical to getting maximum financial aid for your student.  The type of assets and who owns those assets can make a big difference in what you are expected to pay for college.

The financial experts on our team will help you position your finances in a way that minimizes your family’s EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) and, at the same time, maximizes financial aid.



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