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"I found it very impressive, informative and with all the information presented, mind-boggling."

Patti Greco, HR Executive

Lombard, Illinois

"I am really glad I attended the workshop. The information presented was truly eye-opening and informative."

Angie Walsh

Lombard, Illinois

 “My ignorance on Financial Aid and the college process is why I attended. The presentation was great and inspired me to become better versed in this area."

Shawn Westerhoff, Dist. 44 Instructional Aid

Lombard, Illinois

“I am so glad I was invited to the seminar. It was extremely helpful and was a great use of my time. It exceeded my expecations."

Kirsten Gillono, Mom of 4

Villa Park, Illinois

“I found it very informative. There were many things I didn't know! I liked the format of the seminar. It's never too early to start thinking about college funding, since this will be one of the biggest expenses aside from my home."

Tammy Ireland, Dist. 44, First Grade Teacher

Lombard, Illinois

"The College Funding International workshop not only provided my wife and I with invaluable information on positioning our assets and procuring maximum financial aid, but also opened our eyes to the importance of finding the right fit for our daughter. The material was presented in a way that was both informative and pertinent to every parent looking to educate themselves on the process.”

Dan Ryan

Naperville, Illinois


"It was a great presentation which made it easy to understand the college funding process.  I gave five stars to all aspects of the workshop on my evaluation form.”

Kevin King

Aurora, Illinois


"I really appreciate the thought provoking information provided at your seminar.  It was well organized, full of practical examples, and was quite helpful to me.”

Liz Jones

Naperville, Illinois


"Your workshop was clear and exceeded my expectations.”

Ross Milnes

Bolingbrook, Illinois


"Even though my kids are younger I decided to attend a College Funding International seminar with the thought that it’s never too early to start planning for my kid’s college education.  I am so glad I went!  I told a friend of mine that, 'I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.'  I was impressed with their scope of knowledge and their truly creative options for families like mine.”

Ian Nevins

Aurora, Illinois



"With the guidance from College Funding International I feel I will not only have the best money saving advice available, but caring and wise advisor who are attuned to my children’s needs.  I cannot recommend the workshop enough.”

Jenny Tomisek

Batavia, Illinois

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