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Workshop Description
The focus of our workshop is to show parents how student preparation, college selection, and financial strategies all work together to impact the cost of college.

All workshops are presented by experts with over 20 years experience in college admissions and finance.

At our workshop we will discuss:

Financial Strategies

  • The most common mistakes that can cost you thousands on the cost of education
  • Specific income, asset and tax strategies you can use to reduce your expected family contribution (EFC)
  • Reasons why parents are paying thousands more than they should for college


College Selection

  • New alternatives to traditional education, including ways to get a degree at a local university for less than one-third the price
  • How to get a better award from your favorite college even after you receive your award letter

Student Preparation

  • How the right student assessment can save you a lot of money on college costs
  • The impact of test scores on college based financial aid
  • Learn what goes on behind the scenes in the college admission's office
  • Navigating the latest trends in education and how to benefit from them

And so much more...

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